What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy works on the unique structure in the body called fascia (connective tissue fibres). This fascia, whether through injury, illness, stress (both physical or emotional) becomes “dehydrated” or “glued” causing imbalances to occur in the normal functioning of the body.

In applying the Bowen Move, the therapy works to release the “glued” or “stuck” fascia allowing it to re-hydrate naturally as fascia has the capacity to transform from a glued state to a more fluid state. Blockages are freed. Reconnections are made.


Bowen Therapy is a series of gentle rolling moves.

Bowen Therapy: a unique technique

Bowen Therapy was developed by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia in the early 1960’s. Training in this technique became readily available for the first time in 1986 and this therapy has since achieved a high status in natural therapies.


The Treatment

Bowen moves may be done on skin, or through light clothing. The technique consists of a series of gentle rolling moves over fascia influencing the muscles and tendons, using a light touch. Frequent pauses between moves give the body time to process and benefit.



Most people experience a deep sense of relaxation and may even fall asleep during the treatment.


Clients experience deep and long-lasting relief.

Clients experience deep and long-lasting relief.


Rapid results are common, with most injuries and pain responding in 3 or 4 sessions, however, maintenance or “tune up” treatments are of great benefit to keep your body in a state of optimal balance and to prevent re-injury as misalignments in the fascia, adhesions and gluing patterns cause inefficient and restricted movement and eventually lead to pain and inflammation.



Clients usually experience a deep and long-lasting relief, even from long-standing injury or pain.


Less is More

We do the minimum needed to bring about a healing response in the body. Clients often tell us that they have received faster results than other therapies, especially on acute injuries.

Bowen Therapy is appropriate to use on everyone—babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with long term pain.